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Easily compare business products and services, personalised to you.

Business is easy, with Beasy


Compare business products and services personalised to you, so you can make smart choices first time round.

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Real-time tips based on your business activity, from sales trends to expense changes, so you're always on top form.

Guides & news

Simple guides and snappy news alerts tailored to your industry, keeping you posted on anything that affects you.


Save time and effort with auto-customised business-ready templates, so you can swiftly get down to business.

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worth £20,000

Work with an award-winning branding agency to supercharge your business, for free.

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We’re working around the clock to bring you the smartest and simplest way to compare business products and services. There’s much more to come and it’s coming soon.

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Quick guides, templates & news

Helping you make sense of all things business.

Business is easy, with Beasy.

A bit about the problem we tackle and the reason we exist.

Business barriers

For most people, starting a business is pretty scary and feels like it’s for people with a huge hand out or inherit an endless list of business contacts. We’re here to swing open the doors, so anyone can get down to business.

Helpful hand

We help people make the savviest choices for their business – first time round. We stay on the pulse to break down the business faff, giving regular folk practical support to make sense of it all. Turning business leaps into hops.

Power potential

Anyone, no matter their background, should have a fair shot at making their business ambitions a reality. We’re excited to support businesses through their journeys, whether that’s a local café or the next big tech company.

Common Q's

Find answers to frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question here, drop us an email: help@beasy.co

When is the giveaway deadline?

The deadlines for giveaway submissions is 5pm on 31st December 2023.

When will the giveaway winner be notified?

All applicants will receive their outcome on 31st January 2024.

How is beasy free to use?

If you buy from a provider using Beasy, they pay us a commission. The price you pay comes directly from the provider — we never mark up any prices.

What types of businesses can use Beasy?

Any type of business can use Beasy whether you’re a sole trader, self-employed, limited company, partnership, non-profit, or charity.

How do I get in touch?

If you’re a Beasy user you can email us at help@beasy.co

For any press, investor, partnership, or other enquiries you can reach us at contact@beasy.co.